FAQ: Can I Duplicate a Previous Print Job

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhether customers reuse seasonal marketing materials year after year, need more prints than originally expected or require graphics for a newly opened franchise, Alabama Graphics CAN duplicate previous print jobs—with just a few limitations. Though we do keep print jobs for a few weeks, we cannot guarantee that an old file will still be available unless the customer requests to ARCHIVE the original print job for future reprinting. Depending on the project, fees may apply. Our technology and equipment enables us archive and reprint just about any project from marketing materials to construction documents.

To save time and steps on future print jobs, archiving the projects we complete for you is a great idea. If you upload files through our online file transfer service, these files can be kept on hand for future printing, but fees may apply. For instance, the next time you need that brochure or banner printed, you can skip the uploading step and just let us know how many copies you need and when. Our strength lies in our ability to handle high-volume jobs, complete them accurately and turn them around quickly.

Here are a few examples of the prints you may duplicate:

  • Small Format Black & White (11 x 17 or smaller): These prints often include newsletters, training manuals, reports and records. Our high-speed black-and-white copying and finishing services allow us to copy one or two sides on a variety of papers, collate and staple or bind the finished product in a variety of ways.
  • Small Format Digital Color (11 x 17 or smaller): Produced with superior image quality, color and consistency, these projects include items like flyers, photographs, direct mail and brochures.
  • Large Format Black & White: We can provide crisp and clean reproductions of construction project documents by printing them directly from your files, scanning your original documents, or converting them to digital files and creating a print as precise as the original.
  • Large Format Color: We can also duplicate architectural or line drawing print jobs that require full-color reproduction with precision. This category also includes wallpaper, canvas, outdoor signs and more.

Overall, by archiving the files for projects you may need reprinted in the future, you’ll save time and streamline the process of each reprint order. Two ALGX locations are digitally connected to provide exceptional, on-demand output from your digital files. For time-critical deadlines we also offer pick-up and delivery services. We want to align our services to become your long-term printing partner. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Alabama Graphics has been the state’s preferred commercial printing and digital color graphics for 60 years. With more than 326 years of combined industry experience, at Alabama Graphics you gain more than a competitive edge in technology and digital printing, you gain a loyal support network, working to turn your projects into reality. From wide-format AEC prints to banners, signs and collateral material, Alabama Graphics is a proven solution for all your printing needs. Learn more at www.algraphics.com



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