Service Spotlight: Onsite Scanning & Archiving

Onsite Scanning and ArchivingIs your business drowning in years and years of unorganized and unprotected files? Alabama Graphics’ Onsite Scanning and Archiving services is here to help! Just say the word, and we’ll provide the equipment, supplies and staff needed to complete your scanning and archiving job in your own office. 

Our scanning and archiving services simply convert your files into organized, searchable and protected digital files. These files can include purchase orders, invoices, building plans, records, client files, day-to-day administration documents and more. But, we’re not limited to scanning paper and small format items. Our system also enables us to scan, index and archive photos, slides and large format items, such as maps, plats and architectural and engineering drawings.

At Alabama Graphics, we’re constantly preaching about the benefits of scanning and archiving and believe digital document storage is essential to many areas of business, including human resources, accounts receivable, facilities management, sales/marketing, education, records management, legal/litigation, medial, architectural/engineering, construction and insurance. Investing in digital document storage will help you avoid devastating losses, save space, increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

Utilizing our scanning and archiving services not only simplifies your current and future workflow, but it can also help you preserve and organize documents from years past. Some jobs are small, and can be done in a few days or so, but others may take a lot longer! For instance, a few years ago, U.S. Steel enlisted the help of Alabama Graphics experts to scan and archive documents, some of which dated back to the 1800s. A small Alabama Graphics team worked onsite at U.S. Steel’s offices for almost 2 years to complete the project. It was a big job, but we helped them protect all of their files for the coming years!

Because our Onsite Scanning and Archiving service is the most customizable service we offer, we can tailor a program that meets the unique needs of your company. For more information, give us a call today!

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