Resolve to Streamline your Document Sharing in 2014

eCommunicationPeople don’t always take New Year’s resolutions seriously. Lose weight, exercise more and quit smoking are just a few of those little white lies we tell ourselves. Make a resolution for your business this year that you can keep. Resolve to streamline your business processes.

Process improvement is paramount to maintaining success and growth in a competitive business environment. Much like the human body, businesses must maintain fitness in order to stay relevant. Alabama Graphics’ eSuite can assist your company by streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary communications and printing.

eDistribution. This component of our eSuite allows you to notify multiple contractors and provide all of the necessary information to begin the bidding process. The user friendly interface allows contractors to use their Alabama Graphics account or a credit card to order all the necessary documents to present a proposal for your project.  You and your contractors will be able to access, manipulate and share all of this information at your convenience.

eShare. eShare manages and protects all of your project information. This component of eSuite allows you to organize project files into categories for team members to locate easily. It’s difficult to manage all of the moving parts of printing and document distribution. eShare keeps them all in one location and protects your project information from getting lost or falling into the wrong hands.

eCommunication. Our third piece of eSuite simplifies communication throughout your project. eCommunicaion stores every file related to a project including drawings, meeting minutes and submittals.  This on-line workspace allows everyone involved to edit and manipulate documents to show the most current information and streamline workflow.  When all the work is finished, eCommunication compiles all of the files into an easy to access archive for your records.

Contact your Alabama Graphics representative today and simplify your business processes with eSuite.

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