Nothing but Upside with Latex Ink

Latex ink is changing the entire printing industry.  This new printing method lends itself to a broad variety of applications. This high quality ink can be used in indoor or outdoor printing including billboards and tradeshow displays. The environmental benefits of the water based product minimize the toll printing takes on the environment. Continue reading

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Digital Wall Décor: Quick and Easy Install

Wide format digital printers have changed the way we look at digital wall décor. If you want to put the New York skyline on your office wall or a full sized junglescape in your children’s room, wide format digital printing makes that possible. Last week we were lucky enough to have representatives from Hewlett-Packard in our office to show us just how many options digital wall décor has to offer. Continue reading

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All Signs Point to Color Printing

Studies have shown that printing designs in color can save money, reduce errors and improve presentation. In the beginning of wide format color printing, only companies with large budgets were able to afford the luxury. Trends in the industry are making color printing more attainable for everyone. Continue reading

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Trade Show Season Already?

Trade show season is upon us. If you haven’t already started planning out your display, now is the time. Your display is the key to getting interest from potential customers. Attendees will decide in seconds if your booth is worth visiting. Continue reading

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Maximize Your Point of Purchase Marketing Efforts

Seventy five percent of all purchasing decisions are made in the store. Point of purchase (POP) signage can help you grab the attention of shoppers and separate you from other products. Make sure you get the most out of your point of purchase signage with these tips. Continue reading

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Manage your Construction Team Efficiently


Construction projects are rife with moving parts. Many times profits get cut because of easily avoidable human errors. Documents and drawings can be delivered late and force builders to use outdated information. Email helps to lessen the communication issues but many drawings are too large to attach. Continue reading

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Don’t Miss Our Continuing Education Course

Digital Wall DecorAlabama Graphics will partner with Hewlett-Packard and the American Institute of Architects to host a continuing education opportunity on February 12th in Birmingham, Alabama. There will be a morning session and an afternoon session, consisting of two different courses: Digital Wall Décor and the Benefits of Printing in Wide-Format Color. Continue reading

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Resolve to Streamline your Document Sharing in 2014

eCommunicationPeople don’t always take New Year’s resolutions seriously. Lose weight, exercise more and quit smoking are just a few of those little white lies we tell ourselves. Make a resolution for your business this year that you can keep. Resolve to streamline your business processes.

Process improvement is paramount to maintaining success and growth in a competitive business environment. Much like the human body, businesses must maintain fitness in order to stay relevant. Alabama Graphics’ eSuite can assist your company by streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary communications and printing. Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Alabama Graphics Window DisplayWe’re overjoyed to be a part the magic happening in downtown Birmingham! Read more about downtown’s revitalization for the holidays and more, here.

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Set your presentations apart with the Upointer

UPointerEveryone can put together a Powerpoint, but this one-sided dialogue often puts people to sleep. Interactive presentations engage the audience and drive interest. Smartboards, white boards and projectors have been the driving force behind presentations in the past but the Upointer brings a whole new level of interaction.

Continue reading

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