Client Spotlight: Milo’s Hamburgers

Milo'sWhat’s one southern restaurant chain that the rest of the country needs?

According to Thrillist, Milo’s!  And we couldn’t agree more. It’s a great company with outstanding products that people just can’t get enough of. Last year, the restaurant chain was even chosen as number three on the The Daily Meal’s list of 10 Regional Burger Chains That We Wish Were National.

While working with their advertising design company, Cayenne Creative, we enjoy taking care of all their printing needs, and we’re thrilled about the company’s expansion plans!

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Client Spotlight: Expedia Cruise Ship Center

Expedia_WindowPerf_1We’d like to welcome our new client, Expedia Cruise Ship Center, and congratulate them on opening their first location in Alabama!

Expedia Cruise Ship Center, a full service travel agency and subsidiary of, is located in the Lee Branch shopping center on Doug Baker Boulevard in Birmingham. It’s an exciting company to welcome to the area as they have a variety of offerings including, cruise-based vacation services, as well as flight, car and hotel accommodation services.

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Client Spotlight: REV Birmingham

REV Birmingham EnsleyREV Birmingham has been shaking things up around the Birmingham community ever since its formation in 2012. When Operation New Birmingham and Main Street Birmingham joined together, they realized they could do some incredible things for the city. And ever since, they have been.

Just like its name states, this economic development organization, is on a mission to revitalize and fuel commercial activity through business recruitment, retention activities, as well as encouraging investments that support citywide economic growth.

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New Client Spotlight: Kulture City

Kulture City Lauri Newton, our account executive, has been working with an organization that we truly love and strongly support, called Kulture City. They’re on a mission to do away with the societal limitations placed on autistic children. Their goal is to provide support for autism families and help their children reach their full potential in their abilities and talents.

While only being in existence for one year, Kulture City has already begun doing great things around the Birmingham area. One of our favorite projects of theirs is their introduction of the sensory box to restaurants around the community.

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Client Spotlight: Schaeffer Eye Center

Schaeffer Eye Center_Corp Headquarters WalLately we’ve been working a lot with the Schaeffer Eye Center, who as everyone knows, is the leader in Alabama eye care.

We’ve completed projects for 5 out of their 11 Birmingham locations, including the Colonnade, Inverness, Pelham, Hoover, and English Village, which just recently opened. We’ve also done work at their Five Points location.

Once we got to speaking with the client, the first thing we realized is that Dr. Schaeffer is an incredibly visual person. (Imagine that!) Showing him a proof just wasn’t enough for him to visualize what the custom wall art would look like around the office.

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Xcelerate Networks: New sign plus an innovative whiteboard

c42204_eca192ae9e337a568f173c89cc3e1018.png_srz_p_625_160_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzRecently we did some work for our new client, Xcelerate. Xcelerate uses the latest networking technologies to take businesses to their maximum efficiency by building and operating high performance broadband networks. They offer their services throughout the Southeast for not only companies, but multi-dwelling properties as well.

We’ve greatly enjoyed working with them on a couple projects for their office. Our first project was creating a sign with their logo on Plexiglas. See the end result below!

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Where to Find the Best Sunsets

Photo credit: Rachel Callahan

Photo credit: Rachel Callahan

Did you feel inspired after reading last week’s post on Picture Birmingham? It inspires us, and hopefully it inspired you to check out the available artwork for sale that we are proud to print. All proceeds go toward supporting a great, local, non-profit organization, The Wellhouse.

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Picturing Birmingham One Sunset at a Time

Photo credit: Rachel Callahan.

Photo credit: Rachel Callahan.

Earlier this year, we were approached by a Birmingham blogger, Rachel Callahan from Grasping for Objectivity. She had become passionate about chasing Birmingham sunsets, photographing them and had come up with a great idea for selling them. And she wanted us to print them for her.

We were thrilled at the opportunity to embark on this new project with her, and excited when Picture Birmingham was born. We love seeing the sunset photos Rachel takes almost daily, and we’re happy to turn her prints around as quickly as possible so she can put them up for sale to benefit The Wellhouse, a nonprofit organization offering immediate shelter and transitional housing to women who have been trafficked, are prostituting, or otherwise sexually exploited.

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Top Shops 2014: We Did It Again!

Top Shops 2014 Wide Format Imaging MagazineAlabama Graphics has once again been named as one of the Top Print Shops in America.

We’re proud to receive this honor for the 3rd year in a row by Wide-Format Imaging magazine, the premier source for wide and grand-format imaging.

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The Name of the Game is Turnaround Time

173767650You have a presentation that must be ready for a meeting tomorrow. You have just finished it and you absolutely must get materials printed by 8:00 am. You need it fast but you can’t sacrifice quality for speed. A poorly printed chart could cost the company thousands of dollars and in turn, your job. Continue reading

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